Saturday, September 29, 2007

Never again!, Well... next time in Moderation....

Note to self, never eat a zillion Riesen chocolates!!!

I found out the hard way that they use both Sugar and Sorbitol..... And in large enough quanities that means laxative city.

If this doesn't get ride of the excess phlegm, I ain't eating any more in the future !!! LOL.


Testing a new web browser.....

Dang this thing is interesting ! Now if it could hold up better then Firefox 3.0a on my laptop... We've got a nice match hehehe.

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Thursday, September 27, 2007


Well, I finally got some game time this mid-week.

3 Rounds, 2 maps COTT and QFCS in TG#3.

The first round on the Childern of Tarrone map went very nice until I got in the basement. I had taken a stealth to first contact kit with the intent to stay out of site. My MP5+SD with FMJ and a Glock 17 with JHP in case it got thick. Plus a tripple package of Flash bangs, one wedge, and a mirror with C2 charges.

I had a Civi on the insertion (top of stairs) and had to deal with it. So I checked the top, had a tango up there. I couldn't return fire without injuring the civilian near me (her hand was in the way). But luckily I didn't have to, he was threatening a Civil. So I side stepped and put a 3rd burst into his upper body. No effect but a stagger, he turned as if to ifre. So I put two in his head on semi-auto. It didn't kill him but the Fuel Tank behind him blowing up did. The hostage flee'd unscratched some how... lol. Since the position of the body made it look plasuable that it was an 'accident', I got out of the area and continued in Stealth.

Got to clear one of the lower side rooms, couldn't see any one on the first PoE, mirrored the 2nd and saw a Red Head facing the window. So I worked my way back to the first door. I figured if she heard the door, there would be a SG shell for my face when I leaned out to shoot. I was in luck,she didn't hear it so I got to creep closer. To my suprise theres a second girl (civilian), I got close and gave the Red head a tap on the back with the punch and compliance keys. That ensured a safe and clean arrest, did the same to the very nasty civi and snatched the shotty away from them before cuffing.

The problem is, when I hit the basement on my optiwand I could see one sentry with an AKS-74 and Tarrone walking by, I stacked quick to pop open the door and roll a back in between them. As usual, it was locked so I figured I man as well mirror again. The sentry saw the mirror slide under the door and tried to push it open. I planted C2 hoping not to get shot threw the door (thank you very stupid suspect AI). Blew it and charged in button hooking left. If I had to take on multiple suspects I'd rather not leave any one at my back.

I came round the back pillar to a tango about to surrender. He was just to slow and ended up with a 3rd Burst of FMJ in his shoulder/neck. I cicled around him since he was surrendering, I shouted (I should've punched). Then BAM all of the sudden he stands up as I click on my light to see better. And before I can squeese off another burst he shoots me point blank. The 9x19mm FMJ just didn't cut it...

On Quik Fuel, I tried a stealth to first contact round with the same kit but with JHP for my primary, 1 gas in place of a bang, and M1911 /w FMJ instead of the glock. Went well other then taking a SG shell to the leg at spawn, plan went to heck fast but I managed to clear it ok. Next round I tried Dynamic, 3 bangs, stinger, and opti just in case. P90 with JHP and same as the last round. It went ok, rounded the first corner to a tango, he ran. I sliced the corner more to find two tangos, almost perfect Line of Fire to drop them both if I had FMJ. It's a good thing I didn't use FMJ, because a Civi ean between them. I pumped out 25 rounds downing tow suspects and tried not to hit the girl running around like a headless chicken.

Made a clean insertion into the break room and went for the store front with a flash bang. Charged in, I figured I would hook right and use the Cash Register as a foot hold. If there was a tnago there, I'd meet him first, it was only a civilian who dropped to his knees and surrendered. Shotgun shells flew my way, I turned left to return fire only to suck a shotgun shell. I kept moving to my side as I tried to pin point where the shots came from. I got tunnle vision on the barrow and let'er rip with the P90. Unfortinitly that stupid civialian stuck his head up like a moron and got half a dozen rounds passed through it.

Once the smoke cleared I saw that I had 3 suspects close by in the aisles. They had been so close I was able to rake them with gunfire. If it had been real life I would probably been able to push the hostage down to the ground while my #2 took care of the shooters. Since I was alone and it's a game... SWAT4 has a little issue. That pawns are solid until they surrender. Then you can walk through them until you cuff them or they 'unsurrender' in TSS. So I basically walked through the hostage and he jumped up with me standing sort of 'in' him... Funky game really. Moved on to coninue the map and clear it. Only loss of score was putting the hostage out with a headshot for jumping in front of my line of fire lol.

*sighs* back to the training.

The journey

While making my huge post in the members forum, it's given me good time to think. even if it's taken me about an hour and a half to respond to Noer, survey the NCO Forum, and write that post.

I remember, there was once a time when I considered leaving the [SAS]. I was bored, I was tired of training, for what? I asked. Well, I continued on that road. Because I knew it was going to be awesome and I wanted to help other people find the little joyful group I did.

I guess, it was the tactics and the people that drew me to [SAS]. I had often played on TG#1, because I wanted a place I could play -- un molested by rambunctious pests. Where I could play and work on doing the missions in a realistic manor. Eventually, I realised that the [SAS] Members were not only very skilled. But also a great team, one that employed tactics and team work to solve problems. Rather then the Let's run in there, blow every thing up, and rescue the hostages if they're still alive. Kind of approach found on many other serves.

I trained my self as hard as I could. While I don't like to think that way, I may have been one of the best troopers in terms of skill/training time after Python was promoted. I didn't do any thing other then what I was asked and expected to do. But I did it and gave it my all.

My friend Python was always a good example of a Trooper when I was a Recruit. He trained hard and played hard. Even to become a member of the Elite Sabre Squad, if [SAS] was the tip of the spear in terms of skill and tactics. Sabre was the very sharp point of that. Because I was a Trp and had time to learn. I worked, I learned to use every weapon in the game,w ell almost... I admit I did kind of skip a lot of practicing with the AP Army and WA-2000 for a lot of time lol. I have Never been as strong on core skills as when I was a Trp... I miss those 40-45hr a week gaming sessions.

I got so bored after awhile, I nearly quit. Because I had nothing more to do, and little else to learn. I tried to help out Rand with his Training Sessions but was probably more work for him then help. (Yes I am annoying). I also attended as many Continuation Trainings as I could, even if I didn't always agree with some of the things James did to make them 'Film' ready. I was there to train, not make a movie! lol.

I desided I would remian and serve. Why? Because I wanted to help others find what I did. It's never really been about me. The things I do, I do because I want to see [SAS] prosper and because it is my joy to help do that.

When I was LCpl, I'd say I was probably a failure. The only good thing to happen is probably being a part of Hexen and Miles training. As a Cpl, I think I was a little more successful. The old 'Bad ass' skill levels I had as a Trp were waining but I was gaining experience and I got to teach people. Some thing I really wanted to do. Although it was not my place to do so, nor was I asked to. I tried to help out with the SOP Rewrites.

When I was promoted to Squadron Sergeant Major, I soon found that I had so much more room for improvement. Not just my skills but my thinking. My concepts of room clearing had changed very little between Rct->Cpl, but as SSM they changed a lot. I was able to do more with the SOP work, yet I got to do a lot else. As SSM I spent a lot of time training and gaming. It was very fun. As RSM, well I've gotten more work done. What I like about being RSM, I can get stuff done. Without the rest of [SAS], it would never get done. The least I can do, is do my fair share. I don't always get to play as much as I would like, another 10 hours a week would be fun. But I know with the time I spend on [SAS] that is not in server. That it's time spent well. All in all, I think my favorite thing about being RSM. Has been the SOP Rewrites. I could now take more initiative, not as much as the only smoe. But as a builder. Most of the SOP Rewrites we've done. Has been done by me and Rasa and Miles.

I did a lot of initial work and when Rasa came on board it was like hell fire. Together we did a lot of work and thanks to Rasa's participation the SOP Rewrites have come out a thousand times better then if I had done it all. Not as fast but so much better that it is worth it. When we got permission to get Miles on board in limited capacity we got even more productive. When he became Sgt, he was essentially fully cleared to work on it. I know Noer regrets not being as involved in the task as we have been, but it's not his fault.

Why did I want to do stuff with the SOP Rewrites? Well aside from the fact that I've been expecting them since I was a LCpl... They needed to be done, and done right. I took a look at the [SAS] Membership as a whole. And there was no one else who was current on both games, RvS and SWAT4. Rasa eventually got current on RvS again and Miles and Lazko have tried to be and stay so. Random, well tbh I wonder if SOP has any effect on how he plays some times. But he arguable has so much experience he is a walking SOP lol.

I wanted to see the SOP Rewrites do justice to both games, be some thing that we could maintain for future generations. And I wanted it to be consistent. So maybe it is great that they are basically the work of 3 people. Well, I can't forget Moe, all but one PDF (the weapons thing) of the SOP's on the web site. Were done by Moe when he was active. A lot of it was so good we kept it, hacked it into wording that fitted our needs, and expanded upon it in spots.

What I do in the [SAS], is not for me. It is for the [SAS] -- I serve because I want to help make it better. Not because what it can do for me, it is what I can do for it that matters.

I'm not one to stick my neck out. But I am a loyal person. There is some thing about [SAS] that for some reason. I've come to consider it as more important then myself. I might not *always* like some things. but I remember, it's not about ME, it's about [SAS].

I've never asked other people to be like I am in that regard. But that is how it is for me, plain and simple. What's good for [SAS] is more important then what I want.

A while back, Yuke asked me some thing. Some thing I have thought about and fear some what should it happen... Some thing I would prefer not to do but will do if I am asked. Not because I want to, but because it may allow me to better serve my team. I'd much rather stay where I am but it's not my choice.

Bollocks! It's 0225.... Time to get in server. I've been itching for some game time since Wednesday and spent all day working. It was Midnight when I got on and I'm stilln ot done with the Forums yet.

Time to hit the servers !!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Cleaning home

A little reorganization of my most used directory (/home/Terry/Programming/)...

Terry@Dixie$ ls ~/code                                                     7:24
Ada/              D/                PHP/              Shell/
Assembly/         EmacsLisp/        Perl/             Vimscript/
C/                HTML/             Python/           license/
C++/              Java/             Ruby/   
CSS/              Javascript/       Scheme/
Terry@Dixie$ ls ~/code/C/                                                  7:25
doc/       include/   lib/       makefiles/ man/       src/       templates/
Terry@Dixie$ ls ~/code/C/doc                                               7:25
Terry@Dixie$ ls ~/code/Ruby                                                7:25
QT/        lib/       man/       src/
doc/       makefiles/ modules/   templates/
Terry@Dixie$ ls ~/code/Ruby/src                                            7:26
Count_Down.rb*   filescan.rb*     myfile.rb*       quickref.rb*
Platform.rb*     foo.m3u          mymethod.rb*     rbeautify.rb*
RubyShell.rb*    grep.rb*         nav/             readwrite.rb*
arg_parser.rb*   hashes.rb*       optparse.rb*     ri20min.rb*
bitmask.rb*      hashglob.rb*     phase2.rb*       rubynumbers.rb*
blgrep.rb*       hello.rb*        phase3.rb*       rubystrings.rb*
dog.rb*          lj.rb*           phase4.rb*       stringusage.rb*
edit_file.rb*    md5toy.rb        playlist.rb*     swat.rb*
exit.rb*         methods.rb*      popmailcheck.rb
Terry@Dixie$                                                               7:26

Bare in mind that I have the ls (list) command aliased to include the -FGH switches on FreeBSD (basically use colours and append a symbol to the end of each file, e.g. dir/ and exe* instead of dir and exe).

~/code is basically made up of a directory per language with room for a little growth. The only languages I actively use are C, Ruby, and BourneShell. But I'm familiar with most in the directory and have made room for some of my 'to learn' list. Each directory essentially consists of a simple pattern.

Documentation, as seen in ~/code/C/doc/ I have a few old tutorials saved, references, an indent(1) profile in case I need it, and a copy of the Lions Book and Code listings amon the PDF's.
A place to put common bits of code
A spot for ready to use code in library form
Ready made makefile templates for feeding through the make program and similar tools
Where to stuff manual pages for now
The source directory contains source code files, in ~/code/C/src/ resides a copy in HTML and Source form of the UNIX Version 6 Kernels Source Code for reference and reading pleasure. In ~/code/Ruby/src/ it shows that I've made directories in the src folders for various libraries and toolkits where necessary. If it's not some thing I wrote when I started learning the language or a quickie I usually use a directory per program.
A spot to put them when I feel like writing them, I find it most useful for HTML/XHTML

The content various by language but it's the style I've tried to arrange.

The rest of my home directory is also nicely organised for the most part.

Terry@Dixie$ ls ~/|grep '/' | sed 's/\///g'                                7:45
Terry@Dixie$ ls ~/Documents                                                7:45
Computers/             Personal/              Work/
Games/                 School/                [SAS]/
Lyrics of Dixie.txt    Shakespeare/           misc_dot_files.tar.gz
Terry@Dixie$                                                               7:46

I'm glad to have a copy of R^5RS (PDF & PS) on hand so I can work on learning Scheme if I get some vacation time next week.

I like

Well, I've developed a new profanity of sorts (for me).

Dang fucking gum it !

Haha, I like that balance for some reason =/

Dang gum it -- Dad's style

Fuck -- My Moms favorite word lol.

I generally try not to curse.... And almost never when in [SAS] Tags. But when I'm tired it works well when I'm 'round the rest of the world and in private.

Needless to say, I'm prone to muttering "For !@#$s sake" at work often enough. I think I like the sound of Dang !@#%ing Gum It! Better +S.

Ok, so I'm weird =/

I spent almost 16-17 years without cursing actually. I don't care much for profanity but, I've been like the only one in my family that doesn't curse for mmaaaaaannnnyyyyy years lol.

To Do

Play with xemacs

Check out Desktop\operations.txt

Install some MS Windows tools

Reorganize home directory (fun!)

find time to test some synchronization software

work on finding a new standard web browser (firefox 3.0a != fast enough on laptop)

clean up Desktop.... I hate icons !!!

test setting up a mic on desk

copy my ippimail address book to my sasclan[dot]org one

continue 'special' operation planing....

finish R^5RS and get a PDF/PS copy of it

Get a PDFPS copy of UNIX V6 source code

Get my ass in TG#1 before I go crazy !!!!

E-Mail Noer about that Report Form idea and talk about it before taking it up with GCHQ.

The rest of my TODO list, well can wait.. til I remember it.
Since my unconventional training ideas been approved. I'm planning on letting it rip for Saturday in TG#1 (RvS). Since Scouts Live Op may go green light on Sunday. I'm probably going to try and get a training session done in SWAT4 before or after the live op. I expect that I'll probably have to do it another day though.

Because what I have planned for with SWAT4, I can really do any day I can get a training session going. But it will take the better part of my day to do it, so I'll probably end up doing it another day of the week :-(. But I'd much rather see Scouts Live Op be a success.

It would also be nice if I could manage NOT getting shot in the tookus this time... I think most live ops I've been in I've managed to get shot, even when I lived. I remember the operation on that Mogadishu Mile map. Me and Lazko finished it, last men standing. Including me with a SD Sniper rifle and a Glock 17 both critically low on Ammo and thankful you can't bleed to death from injuries in SWAT4 like in AAO lolol.

My top secret project is doing good. Most of the doc written last night. I hope to have a chance to talk with Noer about what he thinks. I'm also some what hesitent to suggest employing the doc I've written when I consider the potentional ramifications of it being put into practice. Should it get into wild spread usage throughout [SAS]. But I still would like to do it, even if only on a small scale... One dedicated team even.

I still have a few things to work on but I'm mostly cought up with the important stuff. Next weekend if the boss doesn't have any huge todo lists. It might turn into a semi-vacation for me. Good thing I didn't find time to clean my laptop yet... It means being around 6 dogs for 3 days. And my Laptops never recovered from last time!!!

It also might interfere with a little rendezvous.... but can't help that. I'd rather have the time to rest any way then.. Well I'm not saying any details ^_^.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Secret Dreams

There is a project that has been weighing on my mind a lot for a while now. I think soon the time may be right to launch it.

The problem is, I need a 2nd who I can trust to carry it on to fruition, even without me if necessary. Yet who is active and able to contribute to the project well as part of a team.

For what I have in mind, I had always figured me and Rasa would split the job. So his retirement right now is a bit of a misfortune.

Rasa I would say is my equal in experience, maybe greater (he was Rct before me). While we have never really agreed over every little detail. I'd like to think we have often balanced each other out when it comes to Tactics and business in the [SAS]. My time as an SNCO and working on the SOP Rewrites and what not. Has shown that. I think the SOP Rewrites have benefited greatly by our working together.

Theres no saying that the project will ever be approved.... But I will begin work on its early documentation.

The issue of who to second me (i.e. be in charge of the project when I'm not around and serve as a fellow EL). What I have in mind requires a dedicated, active, and senior tactical member... Those who could do it in my place don't have time for it. I don't really need another thing on my plate... But I don't know any one else I could trust to take the lead on it.

My best candidates for a 2IC of the project are all less then optimal, even I am not an optimal choice lol.. But it's the situation I have to work in if I am to prepare for this possible project.

I'll ready the files and worry about the rest later.

What will happen, if the tip of the spear get sharper? :-)

Monday, September 24, 2007

PC-BSD v1.4 da Vinci released !

I was pleased to see the brain new website this afternoon and 1.4 released. I'm also very happy to see that the new website is LYNX COMPATIBLE !!!! It works and looks nice in modern browsers like Firefox. Yet it still presents a nice clean page to Lynx users.

I downloaded both CD-ROM's, checked the MD5 Checksums, burned them and got a Quick & Dirty backup of my home directory and config files while I waited.

I think I did some thing like:

tar -czf backups.tgz /boot /etc /root
cd /home
tar -cf - Terry | gzip -9 > /usr/Terry_Home_Backup.tgz 

Basically, I made a gzip'd tarball of my old kernel, drivers, and boot-config (/boot), system configuration (/etc) and roots home directory (/root). Then I tar'd and compressed my home directory with gzip. I also made a tarball afterwards of my vim installation in case there was any custom files in it.

Normally when I want to archive a file in a hurry, I use tar's -z option to archive it (tar, tape archive) and compress it gzip (-z). But since I don't know how if there is even a way to change the gzip/bzip2 compression level with bsd's tar implementation. When I want to store some thing big in a hurry however. I usually make use of a pipe and redirection, namely tar -cf - archives the list of files to the standard output rather then a normal file. Which is in turn piped | into gzip who is instructed to use maximum compression on it's input. And the final data, is redirected > to a file of my choice. Some times I will use bzip2 (higher compression) but I generally favor gzip. As normal, I keep a copy of the backup on this machine and my file server just in case.

My laptop was running PC-BSD v1.4BETA so I was not sure if the upgrade would work correct but it seems to have. The update went smoothly and I was allowed to reselect optional packages from disk 2. I elected for kdeedu, kdesdk, koffice, kdegames, and the FreeBSD source code. All installed fine except for the Source Code !!! My /usr/src is empty, as it was each time I installed 1.4BETA. Oh well, csup will get me newer sources...

Before logging in as my normal user, I had to drop to the console and log in as root in order to change my user accounts log in shell from zsh to one installed (sh, csh, tcsh, bash - I chose sh). Other wise it is impossible to log in from KDM. Of course once I made sure my laptop booted into KDE. I went and installed zsh and changed it back. -- I never change roots shell but I do change mine unless I'm sticky. My OpenBSD server still only uses the default (hacked pd)korn shell it came with.

I found 1.4 Release to be much like the Beta but with a new loading screen. I noted that most of the (many) screen savers were removed and one could now specify the rates of the monitor when asked to set up the Xorg config file. It was also nice to see my rc.conf.local file preserved well enough. Although the onboard Winmodem and Winfi don't work, the ethernet card is now detected by the msk driver as mskc0; I don't know if it works since I use a Atheros based Wifi card now. It was very nice to see MPlayer back in the install. It was removed from 1.4BETA along with the GTK GUI, in 1.4 Release we have MPlayer and the KMPlayer front end. Although Flash7 seems to have been lost now. Oh well, I'd rather skip compling MPlayer then use Flash ^_^

Since the upgrade process basically nukes all installed software. I had to reinstall most every thing I've added. Since I've stopped using PBI, that has made this take a little lower. I tend to use ports and a few packages.

My hit list
 codecs   # Hand installed from MPlayerHQ
 cscope   # code browser, I've been meaning to learn how to use it.
 elinks   # Web Browser, text/gui
 exuberant ctags  # What I use to generate my system tags file in ~/.vim/tags
 gmake   # Needed for GTK/QT development and building Vim with GTK support
 konversation   # The worlds greatest IRC Client
 kscope   # GUI front end for cscope, might be worth toying with.
 lynx-current   # Web brower, text; If it supported decent html layout it'd be my default.
 mg   # Micro GNU Emacs based editor maintained by OpenBSD people.
 portaudit   # Was in 1.3 but removed in PC-BSD v1.4
 portupgrade   # Was in 1.3 but removed in PC-BSD 
 prboom and files   # Doom I/II updated to *RUN* on modern hardware.
 psearch   # port searching, I wonder why no one wrote a GUI for this dandy script.
 rtags   # CTags like program for Ruby written in Ruby file, works with vi/emacs
 ruby-doc-stdlib   # Docs of Rubies standard library
 ruby-gems   # Ruby package manager for extra Ruby code
 ruby-usersguide   # Duh
 rubygem-rake   # make done Ruby style
 scheme48   # Scheme, a Lisp like language.
 supertux   # Hey Super Mario, ehhh Super Tux !
 vim   # Compiled from source as per my norm
 xemacs   # Last time I used GNU Emacs, now I'll return to my old emacsen (I prefer Vim)
 xpdf   # Useful tool

I also need to install a decent web browser (gui) and JRE/JDK. I might bite it and use PBI's for the JRE/JDK but not for any thing else. I've found Firefox 3.0 Alpha and Netscape 9 to slow for my tastes (my laptop is only a sempron-m 3300+ and 512mb ddr). Konqueror I've found tends to lock up on some websites, maybe it's the Javascript engine I can't really tell.

Ether way, I need to find a decent browser I can *live* with that works on most OSes I'm likely to use. Or one that uses the same bookmark format as Konqueror any way xD. Lynx is still the best browser I've ever used though, even if it lays out web pages in Text Only and crappy.

My laptop is basically my workstation. So it has a lot of stuff in it, paramount in it is my current home directory. Most important being ~/{Documents,Pictures,Music,.vim,vimrc} and

Terry@Dixie$ /bin/ls -1 ~/Programming                                      6:53

I should probably restructure that directory, make it neater.

Future todos, clean my home directory up again.

reorganise files.

clean up my bookmarks file in prep for a new browser.

Make new XMMS and Blackbox PBI's.

Pass out... Work in 6 hours...
Notes for later...

Problem 0:
Parse input into a suitable data structure for processing; probably split each number into a list of each digit. As I see it, it would eventually end up using (a) multi-dimensional array(s)
Problem 1:
Model necessary numeric limits and processes, namely once a digit > 9 'carry' it.
Problem 2:
Maintain accuracy and precision

The Time Machine

For a change they actually had some thing good on TV. The War of the Worlds and The Time Machine, not the new ones but the classics.

The Classic time machine is a very good movie, I can't help but wonder about the ending of it though. The Time Traveler took off back to the future with only 3 books. And it's a open-ended question, what books would you choose? That's given at the end of the movie.

Personally, I'd bring more writing materials and skip a book lol. If I was in the position of the Time Traveler in the movie. The first thing I would probably do is try and get things working, make sure food is tended to. And probably try to teach a small group to read/write and about the sciences. And let the few help me teach the many. Actually, I think in Frank Herbert's Dune (very good book and movie!!!), I think Paul and Jessica Atreides took a similar approve to teaching the Fremen their forms of combat. But that way, in a few decades with a largely reading and writing Eloi. It would be possible to leave enough of my knowledge behind in writing for future generates to hopefully find useful.

For the choice of 3 books, I think I would have to go with the Bible. Just to much good in it not to bring it along. A book on agriculture since people have to eat, without the Morlocks and their machines the Eloi's cushy live style was destroyed. And for the third, probably a book on science, unless a decent Do It Your Self book on building houses existed in any 1899 Inventors book collection ^_^. Without any power (short of years to build a primitive steam or hydroelectric power station just to get energy, let along an electrical outlet!), bringing a modern day computer would be a waste of weight. Even if it had a dump of all the info on the net, it would just be a hunk of parts in the Eloi's future.

The Remake in the early 2000's was a nice movie but I think the old one from the 1960s is better. I've never read the original book but I would like to some day. I doubt ether movie follows it to closely but it would be interesting to see what there starting point was.

*sigh* Almost time to go back to work... I still haven't gotten to read a lot of R5RS (Revised5 Report on the algorithmic language Scheme). My cold is starting to balance out a bit... A little phlegm lighter but still sick. At least things seem to be in a manageable condiction and the medication is helping. I definitally don't feel like going to work today but it's not that way in life. Your sick, you still go to work simple as that. Unless your to sick to crawl in. Maybe that is one of the problems in our socieity. If your sick, you shouldn't try and give it to other people!!! We had a short-gig baby sitting one night. One of the kids had a cough and guess what. Like two days later both of us came down with it lol.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Finally some time alone.

Home from work, til 0700 tomorrow..

Every one is mostly quite so maybe I can take some time to get a little work done. I've spent most of my time these past few days playing Armored Core: Nexus on the Playstation 2 since no ones let me alone. I'd like to take some time to work on learning more about LISP, there is only 3 major forms of lisp I know of in fairly common usuage. Emacs Lisp, the language used for extending the GNU and X Emacs editors -- which means it's probably able to do any thing in it short of write an OS only in elisp (without other languages, like Assembly).

There is also Common Lisp, if I remember correctly it was an attempt to mak a common ground among the various dialects of LISP that sprang up over the years. And there is Scheme, I think the current standard for the Scheme Language was just released back in Augest. For me, I think Scheme is probably going to be the one I try to learn. I've never really used a lisp like language before, I'm used to C-Like ones, BourneShell, Python, and Ruby probably being the farthest I've gone in other directions.

The problem with Scheme as I see it, would be finding a suitable implementation (hopefully also supported by SLIB). That it won't be to easy to shoot my self in the foot with. I'd rather like not to have to be tied to any given implementation but I don't know enough of Scheme to know what *not* to depend on. I don't think it would be to serious a problem, although not as simple as with C. With C, it's quite easy to find out what you *should* have by systems that implement the languages standard. And there's some level of standardization among Unix like systems of what 'extras' you are given. The Win32 API.... I'm not even going to ask. In fact, the first time I looked at the Win32 API, it made me think Assembly would be more fun. Well... Technically if I had the time to invest in it, I'd probably love learning X86 Assembly and all of the hardware related stuff that might lead to learning in turn.. So just call me Crazy as they come.

I find generally, I can learn almost any thing given enough time. The only problem is getting around the obsticlues (time, energey, and a family that will not comply).

Thursday, September 20, 2007

*SIGH* It seems like every time I want to sit down and type some thing for my blog. I always end up AFK =/

Being the healthest sick person in the house, I guess thats to be expected.... That or I just need to learn how to build my self a sound proof bunker lol.


Being Busy yet still not getting any thing done sucks. At least I did get ONE thing useful done today, sent GCHQ a new recruit checklist to nit pick. With about 30-40 items on it hehe.

Not to mention I need to get up for work and out the door around 0700 every day til Tuesday (when I get to sleep in till almost 0830). And hopefully a Day off come September 28th. If I'm lucky, maybe the 6th and 7th of October. I'd like to try and put together a Live Op for SWAT4 around then, because all the ones I have been setting up have been for RvS. The problem, it's hard to get a decent map for a Live Op in SWAT4. And to make it worse without a Mic I can't even play test the map...

Usually when I do a Live Op, I play it a little in Custom Mission mode (RvS) and will use the ghost cam to take some screen shots for Intel, likethe 8 I did for Saving The Prince. And during the Live Op itself, I usually try to serve as an Operator at the Tactical Operations Centre, providing support via the Radio. In SWAT4, I can't take any intel photo's like that (Fuuy) and if I play test the map. Because theres no real spectator mode thats worth a damn. I would have to probably communicate only via XFire with the Element as they clear the map -- because I can't talk on without a Mic!. And If I'm in the server but not playing the map, that robs some one a slot who could be in the Op. Not to mention, if I don't play test the map before using it for the Live Op, I have no way of knowing what situation the guys will walk into. And therefore no way to provide any briefing.... Which kind've takes the point out of it. Since a Live Op is supposed to be as close to the real thing as we can get.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Raged Spiders

Well, the live op was a master scaled disaster.

The planning started in March, the Live Op was to be marvelous. The map was huge, 5 levels worth and three huge buildings plus larger areas connecting them. Plus a bell tower with a sniper. Two hostages and a Bomb !

The scenario was pretty simple, HRH Prince Charles of Wales got kidnapped and was tracked down. At the direction of MI5, Armed Police kicked in the door on a house where the Residents were suspected of being terrorists. After a heck of a fight, they link up with lots of others and take over U.W.A. A big university in south Wales. Two strike choppers of the Royal Protection Squad taken out of the sky in a quick rescue attempt gone bad.

I stayed up all night to make the Intel doc's we used for this simulation. 8 Photo's with detailed comments so people could plan the map, about the only aid that we got lol. I even saved a last photo for an 'in mission update' showing the primary hostage, complete with bomb.

The [SAS] Element was to enter the fortress sized building, overcome the enemy, locate the royal hostage, optionally an injured pilot (from the RPS rescue attempt). And extract. I'd clear the roof area and get the tech squad to destroy the SAM sites on the roofs so we can get a Helicopter extraction. Then redeploy, go dynamic and frag every hostile on the map (reloaded to a tango hunt).

So, what went wrong?

Before the Live Op started, every one was supposed to be briefed, the last Intel was posted a day or two before the deadline.

There should've been a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in command ready before the mission took place and a special Dynamic aslt plan prepared (the Immediate Action Plan) in place the Live Op had to launch early (Shots fired, hostage in danger, GO GO GO!).

It took forever for them to read the Intel -> but they did very good with the 15min time limit to plan the op.

Several people mis-installed the map because I didn't have time to make a Click Team installer for it, just a batch file to install the files to the default paths for those who had it. Rest had to do it manually. Map was like 68MB, zipped down to 17.7MB.

During this time I was arguing with my mom, she used the phone and it caused my (aDSL/Ethernet) network connection to drop (A little problem we have here). So I had to storm out and devliever AJ (my nephew). They were nice enough to wait for me... Unforutintly Pittman couldn't hang around it took to long.

Every one f@#king died

Leaving a bunch of Old School [SAS] in Royal Protection Squad Uniforms to come out of my imagination and save the day.

I've worked hard for months (March-September) setting up this live op. I wanted it to be some thing special for the guys, a real good live op. But it was hell on wheels from where I sat.

To top it all off, my family has all but tried to sabotage the freaking live op most of the afternoon. When I've gone through the trouble of arranging FOUR MONTHS in advance to have ONE DAY to spend on the computer. Gone through the hoopla of getting 7 people organised into for a single advent, planned down to the polish on the boots.

I freaking expect to be there with the time I scheduled to be rightfully mine to try & use!

Only GOD has a right to control my life without my permission.

The day before, when we scheduled to have me cart my nephew (my sisters bird) over there. I specified BEFORE 2 or in the Evening after the live op. We had every thing arranged like clock work the day before,, perfect I would be able to do what they wanted + get to hold the Live Op.

What happens? She's not ready of bed by 3pm. My mother is going ape because she wants the loud mouth bird out of hear so she can work (his bird cage was in the way). So I've got to hold up the dang live op. It could have been easily done after the live op, simple. But no, they can't wait for some thing planned months before there plans were even on the to do list.

All because two people can't follow a schedule. They can't do what they've agreed, they can't deal with "Your late, then you wait", well frag'em. Hell, I can't even have a conversation with some one without my family interfering.

//--- Start Rant ---//
Not fit for human consumption
//--- End Ran ---//

Most of the time I ever do get to play games with my friends, it's because my family is driving me too crazy to get stuff done. Or I'm not physically and mentally up to the task, so I send a few rounds with my friends then drop to get back to work. Most of the other times, it's because some one asked me to Join them for a few games. I'm thankful for it.

I've had enough, if my family won't respect me as I respect them. Then they can suck off before I show them the behavior I prefer to. They want to be bastards, then I should be a Monster. An Iron Fist. But I'm not that kind of person.... Unlike the rest of my family (IMHO), I think controlling your self before you allow yourself to hurt some one you care for is a thing that we should try.. I don't like to hurt people, it's not who I am. I like to be 'me', I like to be free. But not to the extent that I rip up other people.

I think if I ever get married, I would have more to apologize to my wife for then be thankful for of what place my experiences in Family life have had an effect on me. After nearly 20 years of being around people, they rub off on you.... Even things you try to avoid. Needless to say, much of whats gone on in my Family.... Is not what I want a future generation to ever know what it's like.

The result? Some times I'm like a monster... Like I've seen them, at least in the same spirit of. The difference? I don't want to be... I see it for what it is, wrong. I don't like to be 'mean', it's just not who I am on the inside. But it's the rage they bring out in me. The rage I've learned from being around my family...


No matter what I do, they always hurt me.... but I don't want to hurt them back, even if I feel I should at times. And even thinking that way for a few minutes (to inflict on them what they inflict on me) is some thing I'm sorrowful about when I calm down.

One of the reasons why I work to try and serve the [SAS] and it's Membership, is because it's not like my family. It's a good place, one where I would be honored to see my Children become involved in it; if I ever live to have any.

Of my travel through live, the best things to happen to me...

Finding GOD

My time with the SAS

Learning to read

And learning every thing I can about the things that interest me.

The miserable part? My family has had very little positive involvement or influence in any of it, other then learning to read... =S While other people have...

Saturday, September 15, 2007


As much trouble as an hour of shaving is... It's nice to finally be rid of that beard. Even if it took having to work Saturday for me to actually do it haha.

One of these days I'd love to get a straight razor (basically the old fashion kind)... Might cost a little (lot) more then the common safety razors used these days. But I think having to care for the blade would be cheaper and more effective then buying replacement cartridges every now and then (yes I am a cheap bastard).

The minor of issue of having to learn to use it would also be no problem (hopefully). The cost is the problem =/

Hmm, hopefully I'll get at least 15 min before work to catch up on my reading for the day. I left off some where around Page 19'ish a couple months back and never found the time to continue.

*Sighs*, wouldn't it be nice to have a nice long vacation with lots of reading time... hehe.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Getting Old

Dang it, I put my head down for 5 minutes to rest.... And next thing I know it's almost 0230.

I had kind've hoped to shave before work this Saturday but I'm not sure if I'm going to get to now lol.

*Sighs* At least this weekend I can get a little rest..

  1. Work
  2. Dealing with a little [SAS] Matter
  3. Training
  4. PC-BSDv1.4RC and making a new XMMS PBI, also Blackbox PBI while I'm at it.
  5. catching up with AIM/E.t.c. -#&62; I havn't been on any thing but XFire much this past week or two. I've been to busy working.
  6. Maybe make a Vim PBI if there isn't any working one.
  7. Possibly try to get a hold of Heim and see if he can be of help information wise on point #2.

Not to mention I have til Tuesday to finish reading the library books. And I need to finish work on a program on a web site. Debugging Typo's in PHP != my idea of fun.

To Do Saturday

Burn ISO of PC-BSDv1.4RC and work on rebuilding my old XMMS and Blackbox PBI's.

Monday, September 10, 2007

I dunno why, but these past few weeks I've been having the strangest dreams =/

Extreme Sex and Perl programming.... Very strange combination for dreams lol.

What makes it all the more funky is Perl, is not a language I do much in. For the most part Ruby, C, and BourneShell make up most of the stuff I do. When I use Perl, it's usually because I don't know AWK and I'm to lazy to use any more |pipes in my command line.

I think odds are, if I had stuck with Perl when I had started learning it. It would've been my favorite language.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Hussle Bussle

Damn it feels good to get my feet out of shoes... Even if it's only an hour til I go back to work.

I've missed the chance to post 3 or 4 entries I wanted to do.. When I'm busy I usually skip my Live Journal for the day. My E-Mail and server time usually being the next ones on the list to go....

The day started with a 0930 roll out to get ready, home from work, chores done by 1700. That gives me maybe an hour to rest. Then I go back to another hour and a half of hell. Not a bad days labour for some one people bitch at that he doesn't work, eh?

I'm anxious to see what if any response my post in SNCO's has gotten. But I don't have time to deal with the other messages if I do log in. I uploaded an HTML Export of the current draft of the SOP's. I consider them *almost* ready for release, just a couple more things that I know we need to do. Clean up the section on Communication, I think for the sake of Getting It Done. I'd like to grab a couple of Members and have a group huddle to work on a few things.

What En4cer did for the V-Commands SOP which I adopted into this rewrite as necessary... Is good stuff but we need a RvS and S4 V-Com section that goes hand in hand with each other. And En4cer is sure as hell not current enough on SWAT4 to be able to do it so even if he was active enough...

So, Plan C:

Rip it down to an outline and rewrite the hole thing from scratch. Including writing both sections at the same time(ish) to more better synchronise them.

Also Appendix I needs to be reviewed and I want to change a few more things but I need time to do it.

I've taken to keeping an Operations.txt file on my Desktop and having Vim open it to show coloured indentation markers. In such a way I can use it as a Quick & Dirty outline / notes file. While retaining the power of my text editor and skipping learning a plugin to do basically the same thing but more completely =/.

*sigh*, between Family and Work, life is a nightmare.... There's not a lot good left in my days when I'm not around [SAS]. To be honest, I think I'd do better in the Military... I think even a Private would have more take home pay then both of us combined :S. If it was enough to support my mother... I might even manage to have a chance at going after it. It would also be a chance to do some thing with my life... if my body could stand the Physical Training I might even enjoy it. Ones country can't shit on you as much as your family for trying to be of help can they? lol.

For my age, I should be strong as an ox.... Rather then having nearly as many rattles as a FORD Tempo.

I always hoped to keep the Army and Navy open as possible options for my future. But I don't know if the parts would stand up to it any more. I've been working in this business since I was 15, without pay or respect. I remember when I was a young teenager people said I had a mind older then my years..... Less then 10 years down the road I feel like I'm developing the body to match =/

.... Fuck.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Re upp'd the library books this morning before work. It's nice to know I'm not the only one thats half asleep that time of morning hehe.

I've been concentrating on Maximum Security: A Hacker's Guide to Protecting Your Internet Site and Network. A very good book, highly interesting. This is a THICK book, I've read only 200 pages or so and keep going. I figure if I keep going at my usual reading rate I can finish it in about a week of reading nights. I'm used to pulling 70-100 Pages a day when reading a novel, more if I just sit on my ass and read the day away.

I really want to dig deeper into the book on PHP/MySQL because I really don't know shit about Databases, PHP... Is close enough to things I do know that I can generally pick things up fast. SQL, is a different story.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Emacs pinky

Beware of attractive Blondes in tight cloths.... lol

On a lighter note, I've had emacs on the brain lately. Which is some one strange as I'm Vi man with a strong liking for VIM.

Generally GNU Emacs is the emacsen by which I compare emacsen. I first learned the basics of using emacs day to day using XEmacs on a Windows machine. Nice editor although i've never cared much for the Meta key. Generally I found emacs key bindings to be the kind, that if you could remember what type of key sequence it was you could figure it out. Generally things are some what consistent, Control + D, deletes the next character (right of the point). While Meta + D deletes the next word. Basically as I remember it for regular commands. A Control+Key combo does a smaller action while a Meta+Same Key combo does a larger action. Like if Control+Key works on words, Meta+Key works on lines e.t.c. And classes of commands I think generally had a consistent prefix. Control+X+Control+F Open/Find files, Control+X+Control+S Save current file, Control+X+Control+C exit editor, e.t.c Most of the mutli-file Editor related commands I recall focused on a Control+X prefix arrangement, like Contorl+X+2 to open a second buffer, Control+X+O to switch to the other e.t.c

I've tried a number of emacsen but never found one I really like enough to use a lot. GNU Emacs I don't' care much for but respect it among emacsen. I find it to fat and slow to be effective. On my desktop it's no problem to run it, theres a lot of RAM and a fast CPU. On my laptop theres a budget CPU and moderate RAM so it's slow as nails to get it's motor warmed up. Not being much of a GNU Emacs man, I usually keep a fairly out of the box installation.

I haven't tried XEmacs on my laptop but I don't expect it to be faster then GNU Emacs. I think I would prefer XEmacs though.

MicroEMACS 4.0 and variants I've used and enjoyed, you could say MicroEMACS is my favorite. I like MicroEMACS in that it is small yet extensible. With just enough features to be useful Some what like Vi but with perks. Most of my issues with the editor would be solved by learning more about emacs ways of doing things and the marco language. I remember poking around a Traditional C style code base as well.

The only emacsen I find my self using often when I do actually use one. Is mg, a Micro GNU Emacs like editor maintained by OpenBSD. It's a pretty bare bone emacs but it gets the job done nicely. Since I'm to stuborn to install Vim on my file server (OpenBSD) and would _NEVER_ dream of installing GNU Emacs on it. I'll usually use mg when I need to edit multiple files. Although I could probably use Window and multiple instances of nVi for the same purpose.

I've tried Jove but never cared for it. An intermediate between the GNU Emacs/XEmacs variants and MicroEMACS variants I'd say.

I generally have preferences but I do believe in knowing a lot of things when possible. While I don't remember most of the commands I learned in XEmacs, and prefer the Vi style of doing things more to my taste. Especially to my wrists and fingers liking !! (Escape Meta Alt Control Shiftritis). I can use Emacs fine but generally prefer not to. I generally prefer a light and fast emacsen to most other editors if I can't have a Vi based one.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

scratch file

To save my the trouble of screwing with SCP/SMB to continue work tomorrow from another computer...

Heres a scratch file I've been toying with tonight. For the heck of it I thought I'd toy around with trying to break a $PATH like string apart into some thing a program or file could be looked up and then try to add a primitive file name completion to after tinkering awhile.

Todo tomorrow:

clean up comments, finish playing with the Abbrev class, toy with trying to match up a regex to an abbrev to a filename, worry about rest afterwards.

#!/usr/local/bin/ruby -w
# Build a hash table from a $PATH like string that we can use for calling
# commands.

require 'abbrev'
require 'pp'

PDEBUG=1  # Programmers DEBUG on

path = '/bin:/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin'

# Create a hash for $PATH
# Arguments:
#   path => string containing a list of directories delimited by separator
#   separator => Any delimiter suitable for String#each
# Return value:
#   A hash where keys are directory names and values are handles to those
#   directories.
def make_pathhash( path, separator=':' )

  hash =

  # Parse path for directories
  path.each( separator ) do |dir|
    dir.gsub!( /:/, '' )
    # Creates a key from path containing a directory name
    hash[dir] = dir dir ) 

  return( hash )


# Create a hash from the current directory to assist filename completion
# Arguments:
#   directory => A directory to create the hash from
# Return value:
#   An hash of filename => filenames from directory
def make_chdirhash( directory )

  hash =

  dirh = directory )
  dirh.each do |file|
    hash[file] = file

  return( hash )


  h = make_pathhash( path )
  cd = make_chdirhash( '.' )
  pp Abbrev::abbrev( cd.to_a.flatten ).sort  

Not bad for an idiot just screwing around if you ask me.

Also to do tomorrow, finish that thing I was doing before dinner.