Monday, February 28, 2011

Strawberry Perl + CPAN

Well, I've figured out one of the problems getting anything to work off CPAN. The installer didn't have the brains to detect that CPAN configuration should work with $prefix where $prefix != C:\strawberry\perl. As in my case, the distribution is in C:\DevFiles\Languages\Perl. Hehe.

It would be nice to be able to install modules and not have so many WTFs/Minute.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

When I have headphones designed to limit background sound and use headphones b/c games are loud enough that ma doesn't want to hear them--I really wonder by what retarded way of thinking does my mother think I can hear her over the sound of a zombie apocalypse!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

The perfect way to control splurging at the grocery store: limit unplanned spending to <= $2.00. Of course, when the beer is two bucks cheaper than planned, of course I can add $1.50 for a small snack.... lol.
Somehow after going through a lot of junk with moving, I can't help but think the perfect way to spend the afternoon would be a beer and a few rounds of Left 4 Dead :-/. I know either way though, I'm happy so much junk as been chucked lol.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Well, it has been a rather full couple of weeks.

So far, I've gotten to use one of my favourite programming languages at work (YKY) but actually getting to tested the project under live conditions, ended up making me remember what an acquaintance once said about using punch cards. It was a refreshing change from what they have me using the most though, which is something I like about this company. I get to use the same tools often enough to be comfortable, yet I end up changing tools often enough to break the monotony :).

In my off hours, I converted my laptop from Zenwalk GNU/Linux to the same distribution my workstation is running at work, and have made the transition from relying on GNOME to using Xmonad with GNOME's panels. After getting that sorted over a couple nights, I was able to rig my workstation to match. Even had time to revamp my shell profile a bit. I'm also in the progression of making another shell my defacto standard, because I spend a lot of time working on other machines over a terminal, and they don't always have zsh :'(. So maybe it is a good thing that my shell profile supports like every bourne shell I've come across, excluding shells/v7sh from the FreeBSD ports; but hey, even I have to draw the line at a bourne shell that supports functions!

So far, I am really loving Xmonad on both my workstation and laptop. It fits my one itch against tiling window managers perfectly: getting a viable system tray working without config' abuse. The default key bindings are also pretty sweet. The reason for the switch however, is because of one of my projects at work. Testing it involves running it quite a lot. While Compiz would continually stick it anywhere it felt best, and I would have to move it clear in order to review the logs—Xmonad just splits the screen realistate between them, allowing me to read code, read logs, and interface with the application, all without a headache. It's also kind of nice how workspaces pretty much replace minimization, especially when it works smoothly with the pager in GNOME's panel.

In the past two days, I've seen the cotton picking traffic back up to hell and back over lane closures, gotten lost once, been in danger of being killed twice, been nearly shoved off the road by an asshat in a white van, and once each nearly hit by a tyre, fender, or what ever the fuck went flying off that black sedan in this mornings traffic!

Plus to top it all off, the TomBoy's syncronization tools managed to whipe out all of my notes over the weekend, leaving me with only three outdated ones when I got into the office on Monday. Just peachy. Had a small lull in todays workload, where I started to evaluate two solutions: TiddlyWiki and viki_vim. TiddlyWiki is pretty cool but it doesn't like being edited from Google Chrome in *linux*, which is where I need it most. It's also rather a bit of a pain in the ass to use in Mozilla on same platform. So I have rulled that out for now. The viki on the other hand, is very interesting—in particular, I would like to combine it with a set of BufWritePost hooks to have the effect of doing a git commit on the note file. For the moment, it's seeing continued evaluation.

A web service for notetaking, isn't really to my taste. While it would be O.K. enough for my personal notes, I find it more convienant to keep my notebooks together, in TomBoy alone, I had groupings for Personal, Programming, and the name of the company I work for;  and since I'm not interested in splitting that, I'm also not willing to let my work notebook end up stored on any of the web services I've seen.

Alright, so I'm a paranoid geek, so sue me.

Something that also interests me, is whether or not I could mesh googlecl, vim, viki/deplate, and Blogger, and have a nice way of editing stuff in vim and posting it here. That would be kind of sweet. While TwiddlyWiki is more like a stream of conciousness way of searching your notes, Viki is more like exploring buffers, not to mention a lot less of a pain in the ass to use on BSD/Linux ;). It also saves my muscle memory from having to re-adjust to emacs enough to use org-mode, hehe. While I kind of like the browsing interface in  TiddlyWiki, I will confess that vi-like editing is a huge plus in my book.

Humorous language comparison

Special thanks to Carpet Smoker of Daemon Forums.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

What a night, was to tired to get anything done before bed, so I figured crash a couple hours and than see what's on. Well, I spent the night dreaming of fighting Tanks, driving all across the Interstate and dealing with public transit, all filled with zombies >_>.

Guess while my body demanded sleep, my brain demanded Left 4 Dead action lol.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Airsoft at airdog beats video games by miles

I've got to admit, it beats the hell out of raven shield! Did several sets of TDM, plus VIP and collection.  Being more aware of room clearing then some, of course I had no problem finding an ammo can, while half my team was busy trying to kill the other team in the hallways lol

Me and my MP5 applied some good old Speed.Agression.Surprise in the cqc area. Only thing really missing was the flashbangs, for which at one point, I used a used up frag as a flash bang to great effect ;). The only real complantern that I have is its semi-auto in door so:(

A major upside, most players here a no where near as hopeless as many gamers are at close quarters combat!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Well, it has finally happened: the bank, me, and the calculator (usually python or clisp) do not agree on the balance! By my estimate, I should be having to rebalance everything from my savings. According to the bank and my calculator, I'm still very much in the green.

So, I guess either it's a damn good thing that's I give myself a wide margin, and made sure to keep the royal pain on a tight spending cap of what of *my* money she could draw upon. If my mother had a precise idea of my budget, I would eitjer end up bankrupyed or burned at the famly steak.

Origionally when operation redeemer was launched, I was keeping a detailed record of every transaction-between the war of the car and starting work however, that's has fallen into atiqity. Software, wether custom or off the rack is just to times consuming to deal with right nnow.

To get anything meaningful done, I would have to stop coming home at night.

Monday, February 14, 2011

I could almost swear that it's city wide wrecking day in metro Atlanta. Just about every major ramp seems to have been fucked, save the I-20, which usually has low traffic (comparatively) on the bypass. At least, I can take comfort that when the ambulance, cops, response, and fire truck went zooming by, I got out of their way. Than of course, some 30 pinheads illegally change lanes and tall gate the emergency vehicle lol. Unless the folks from the carbecue had a lot of friends, I sure hope the county gives out a hell of a lot of tickets!!!

In just about every jurisdiction I know of, it's illegal to follow an emergency vehicle with its lights on—unless you're involved, or you're John McClane on his way to a bomb.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


In theory, I should now be able to update my journal from my phone!

I love opening a browser tab and suddenly drawing a total and complete blank about what I was about to do... sigh.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Well, like a few hundred of my fellow Americans: I can now say that I was close enough to Presidential anything, to be stuck in traffic behind the First Lady's motorcade! Seems that Michelle Obama was in Atlanta today and just happened to tie up an interstate or two in the process. Stupid me, I left work on time and hit the bypass, just in time for them to block off all lanes for her to move through, lol. Took so long that I just put the car in park and booted my laptop to try and get some stuff done while I wait. If I was smart, I'd have just worked late. By the time my brain clicked into flow, I had to drive and shutdown my laptop at the same.

Somehow it should probably have clicked in my head, that if the first lady was going to be in Atlanta, they would be routing through the nearest military runway in metro Atlanta up to the job. Which of course, belong to Dobbins! Probably would've gotten home faster if I had gone through Atlanta, or slinked around the east side of the bipass :-/.

Passing through the portion of the bypass that belongs to Cobb county is usually a traffic zone, between Cobb and the GA-400 of doom. Oy, when we move I ain't gonna miss that.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dreaming of a mixture of Aliens versus Predator and airsoft, is deffo the way to start off a day! The question is what to do for the day :-/.

Last night I was playing a custom Left 4 Dead 2 campaign, called Military Industrial Complex II. Which included over 4600 zombies, train rides, automated sentry guns, and more "Interesting" events than you can shake a baseball bat at lol. I also got some coding done on my own things in between getting stuff done around the apt. I remember when I started working, a friend noted that after spending 8 hours a day at work, I might not want to come home and touch an ounce of code. Me, heh, I look forward to it :).

Today, I'll probably intermix coding with other things, the only real difference is that I need to set my alarm for 0600, in order to be to work on time tomorrow. Look out dawn, here comes the spider!