[SAS] Gaming Record

Note: This is adapted from my personal wiki entry, maintained during my time as web master with the virtual regiment. Most forum threads link to private forums or an archive, and may or may not still reflect the site software still in use.

Spidey01, Service Record with the [SAS] 22nd Elite Virtual Regiment

2005-08-07, NCO thread
2005-09-14, passed on second tryout with 99%. Rct->Trp announcement.
Lance Corporal
2006-05-05, Trp->LCpl announcement.
2006-09-20, LCpl->Cpl announcement.
Squadron Sergeant Major
2007-01-20, Cpl->SSM announcement.
Regimental Sergeant Major
2007-06-12, SSM->RSM announcement.
Warrant Officer Class One
2008-04-15, RSM->WO1 announcement.
2010-04-28, My journal entry which was cross posted in [SAS] forums.

I participated in approximately 40 live operations, 15 of which were my own creation. Official [SAS] games played were SWAT 3, Raven Shield, and SWAT 4.

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