Sunday, September 18, 2022

Watching The First Avenger for the first time in a while, I can't help but suspect the blonde that goes, "Hi" during the war bonds sequence; in light of She-Hulk's recent end-cap comment about his time with the USO.

I also can't help but think about the classic style shield fitting into the story. Just how much would a guy have to be tossing that thing around between shows to end up carting it along on his daring rescue mission. That, and that in context it would have likely been a slab of wood. The only reason I can imagine it being made of metal, as seen when Red Skull punches an indent in it, is consideration for the Italian campaign being far more at risk than state side.

I.e., I have a rather hard time imagining someone making such a fine metal "Stage prop" given the extent of war time rationing and prioritization. The only thing I can imagine is someone deciding, "Yeah, if artillery shells start bursting or something, let's try and avoid shrapnel going through it like a hot knife through butter." Somehow, I doubt Roger's would have appreciated that treatment.

Monday, September 12, 2022

Migration to macOS has been relatively successful so far. Juggling work and dogs and the need to occasionally vegetate, it took a couple weeks to get Shion properly setup.

For me one of the key problems with switching between Mac and PC has been the great modifier shift. The annoying kind of things when I come home and start using Mac shortcuts on my PC, or go to work and start using PC shortcuts on my Mac.

As a work device, my issued MBP has mostly been a case of IDGAF in terms of PC vs Mac. Contemporary OS X and its successors-thus-far, are suitable BSD under the hood with GNU sprinkled on top that it's basically a non-issue. On Windows, I would be using Windows Subsystem for Linux and SSH. On Mac, well it's native enough unless it needs to be Linux ELFs. Like NT, it comes with some nice to have GUI software but most of what I care about can be found in the Terminal.

As a home device, I'm finding it fits quite nicely. It does the desktop things that better maintained Linux distributions and Windows systems do, and it provides most of the goodness I'd get out of running FreeBSD or Debian. More importantly I don't find myself !@#$%ing mixing up the command and control keys ^_^.

Outside of Direct3D based games the majority of software that I care about is cross platform, often with GNU/Linux as the primary platform if one could be defined. So, basically everything I want to run either runs on unix, NT, and Mac systems already; or it's tied to POSIX APIs longer than Linux and OS X have been around, or it's unlikely to run on anything that doesn't do Big Honking DirectX GPUs.

Thus: Rimuru's intended mission profile is what it was chiefly built for. Playing video games, converting videos, and cursing those times when compiling on NT is a thing. Meanwhile Shion takes over the more secretarial domain of general productivity and desktop computing.

Saturday, September 3, 2022

To say that the dogs' expressions were sad and concerned when I went out the door, would be a fair statement.

To say that the dogs' were angry when I came home with two dozen donuts, would be an understatement.

Mischief managed....