Saturday, January 23, 2010

Thoughts on recent SAS resignations

The more I look at the facts, the more I am convinced that this was a mutiny in spirit. Out of the first wave of people to resign: it appears to me that there are 3 core factions to it. One group, was overruled against by GCHQ, the other carries Rasa's infection for placing their own ways above SASs, and then there's Rouge.

When GCHQs ruling wasn't to their liking, it seems that a few people decided that they know better then the ones in authority. That same "I'm right, GOD is wrong" attitude has built many a house on sand... I'm glad [SAS]'s was built on titanium reinforced concrete.

A few, are people who have stiff necks and know they will never have the subversion of [SAS] that they desire, a man who once refused to teach SOPs comes to mind. This is what I mean by "Rasa's infection".

Some time ago, even I lost all my faith in GCHQ, when it looked like a set of RvS-centric SOPs would be fast tracked through and every word I ever said to hold this clan together would become a lie. Every member of GCHQ proved themselves to me, except for Rouge. He lost that fight, and I'm starting to feel that his involvement is because he lost, and the ideal of [SAS] as one team, two games, won out.

So I suppose, having been given judgement, and deciding that the highest court in the land is not better then their own, a few people decided they can do better.  I really pitty Timbo and Scout, if they organise a clan under Rouges armchair generalship.


  1. Spidey -- I was directed here by someone that had read your blog. I won't discuss the contents, as you seem deeply misinformed.

    But just one point, if I am allowed:

    If you pitty Timbo and Scout over my armchair generalship -- why don't you ask them directly?


  2. your unwavering loyalty is to be admired Spidey. I wish you all the luck in the world with SAS


  3. Spidey,

    Never feel pity people for their own choices. Whether right or wrong, Timbo and Scout have made their own choice. Time is the best judge on whether they made the right or the wrong choice.

    Aint Life Great !